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August 2017

Appellate Division:

General Supervision By Homeowner Insufficient To Impose Liability Under Labor Law

July 2017

Convenience Store Satisfies Reasonable Care During Snowstorm

June 2017

Store Note Responsible Fore Motorized Shopping Cart Accident

May 2017

Second Department:

Riding In Back Of Pickup Truck Not Platform Covered Under Labor Law

April 2017

March 15, 2017

Second Department: Insured's Belief That His Home Was Legal Two-Family Dwelling Does Not Excuse Material Misrepresentation On Insurance Application

February 15, 2017

A Simple Application Of The Labor Law By First Department

January 15, 2017

No Labor Law Violation

Where 100 Pound Grate Falls On Plaintiff From Back of Pickup Truck

December 15, 2016

Appellate Division:

Maintenance Records Assist In Establishing Defendants Case For Summary Judgment

November 15, 2016

Court of Appeals:

Internal Policy of Hockey Organization Cannot Serve as a Basis of Liability

October 2016

Failure To Apply Salt After Snow Removal Insufficient For Holding Snow Contractor Liable

September 2016

First Department: Under Labor Law Sponsor Is Improper Defendant Where Condo Board of Managers Is In Place

August 2016

July 2016

First Department:

Offloading From Truck Covered Under Labor Law Section 240


June 2016

May 2016

Not Better Second Time Around:

Appellate Term Affirms Dismissal of Plaintiff’s Case

April 2016
Can I Change That?  Second Department Rejects Changes To EBT Transcripts

March 2016

Rough Ride: Rodeo Accident Gives Rise To Insurance Malpractice Claim

February 2016

  Complete Defense: Storm in Progress Doctrine Bars Plaintiff’s Suit

January 2016

  First Department:  Fearing Fishing Expedition By Defendants

  Facebook Photos Shielded From Discovery

December 2015

  No, No and No: Second Department Nixes Secret Video Of Plaintiff’s IME

November 2015

The Court of Appeals Interprets (and Restricts) Trivial Defect Defense

October 2015

  Labor Law Injured Worker: Tree Falling On Roof To Be Repaired Covered By Labor Law

September 2015

  Court Finds Placement of Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Not Dangerous

August 2015

   Appellate Division Affirms Summary Judgment Where Flooding Was Due To Hurricane Irene

July 2015

  The Final Word: Court of Appeals Says No To Negligence Standard For Animal Injuries

June 2015
  Third Department: Tree Removal Not Covered By Labor Law

May 2015

  No Notice: Second Department Affirms Dismissal A Case Arising Out Of Hurricane Irene


April 2015

  Yield To Pedestrian Sign Does Not Create Enhanced Duty For Store

March 2015
   Material Misrepresentation Discovered After Fired Voids Policy

February 2015
Bronx Supreme Court: Summary Judgment Granted on Negligence and Labor Law Claim 

January 2015

  Court of Appeals Liberally Applies Right of Police Officers to Sue for Negligence

December 2014

  First Department Applies Homeowners Exemption To Home Rented Out By Owners

November 2014

  Court Rejects Attempt to Blame Defective Stairs for Accident As a Result of Hurricane Irene

October 2014

  Second Department:  This is How to Apply Res Ipsa

September 2014

  Second Department: New Theory of Liability Cannot Bar Summary Judgment


August 2014

  Second Department Reminds Carriers About Tenders And Additional Insured Status


July 2014

  No Negligence where Hurricane Irene Flooded Plaintiff’s Apartment


June 2014

  Location, Location, Location:

  Court Grants Change of Venue From Bronx To Westchester County

May 2014

  Family Affair?  Jury Rejects The Father's Suit Against Son's Business


April 2014

   No Limit: Court Of Appeals Finds Policy Limitation Period Unenforceable


March 2014

   Court Of Appeals: Disclaimer Valid Even Where Reservation of Rights Language Is Used


February 2014

   Court Finds No Notice Of Dangerous Condition Or Unsafe Condition Created By Permitting

    Food Sampling


January 2014

   When Cleaning Is Not Cleaning - Revisited: Court of Appeals Defines What Is "Cleaning" Under Labor Law


December 2013

   Back and Forth: First Department Reverse Itself on Animal Liability 

November 2013

   Liberal Interpretation: Court of Appeals Lowers Barrier Against No-Fault Dismissals


October 2013

   Supreme Court: General Awareness Of Snow And Ice On Pathway Not Enough


September 2013

    More is Not Better: Plaintiff's Multiple Versions of Accident Dooms Case


August 2013

    Email Acknowledgment of Settlement By Adjuster Binds Insurance Carrier


July 2013 

    Second Department Enforces Policy Sublimits in Assault Case